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by سیّد سابق شیرازی شیعی
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A primer in Arabic logic with English translation.
Topic: Logic
The LibriVox Free Audiobook Collection
by Sir Arthur Cotton
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LibriVox recording of Arabic Primer, by Sir Arthur Cotton. Read by Nicholas James Bridgewater. “Languages”, Sir Arthur Cotton writes, “are usually learnt as if it took a long time to learn the grammar &c., but that to speak with a good pronunciation and expression, and freely, and to catch the words from a speaker by the ear were easily and quickly acquired, but this is exactly contrary to fact.” Cotton’s “Vocal system” differs from the traditional grammatical method of...
Topics: librivox, audio, language, learning, arabic, primer, vocal system, pronunciation
Source: Librivox recording of a public-domain text
"All these papers have appeared in the 'Quarterly statement' of the society during the years 1869-1881."
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